Have you ever wanted to draw free hand angel wings designs but couldn’t find inspiration? I know I have and it’s happened to me several times since I’ve needed to draw a sketch for free on sketch pad paper. This is probably how you’re living your life, if you’re like me. The good thing is that you can eliminate the stress of finding a great image to use by drawing your own sketch.

Now that you’ve read this, I’m sure you’re familiar with the angel symbol. You might even know what kind of wings the angels have. Let’s find out how we can create our own angel wings free of charge design right now.

First, choose a photo you’d like to use as a template. Since you’re using an image, it doesn’t matter what size you pick. It doesn’t matter if the image is great unless you’re planning to create a full-sized replica of the angel wings. For instance, if you want to make a full sized angel wing, then select a photo that is approximately 3 inches by 3 inches in size. Anything larger will not look good after you’ve finished drawing it.

After you have the image you want to use and you’re ready to get to work and learn how to make a free wings overlay. First, you must draw a straight line through the middle of your sketch, so that you would have your wings form a straight angel wings drawing line when you’re done. Then, add details to your wings using thin darker strokes. This will help them stand apart from the original sketch.

Once you’ve completed all that, it’s time to match the wings. Make use of pens or pencils to begin matching the wings, because even when you’re able to get it right initially, you’re bound to miss some particulars or align the wings a bit differently which could alter the whole look. If you’re drawing using pencils, you can begin drawing the basic shape of the wing and any additional details. Once you’re satisfied that your image resembles wings then you can work on adding details, such as the inner lining of the angel wings or the fringe running around the outer edge.

To make the entire process go more smoothly, you must make sketches of your finished product before you begin to do anything else. You can use paper and markers or your fingers to do this. The next step is to determine if you want to do an angel wings overlay by hand or if you would prefer to use stencils. Doing a stencil on your own can give you a much superior final product as you are less likely to make mistakes and have more control over your final result. Once you are satisfied that your wings look great, you can then print out your custom made angel wings to be a perfect match to your wings.